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North Carolina Security Guard Licensing

No matter what part of North Carolina you live in, rest assured the security industry there is booming. It’s a growing state and with so much big business and industry moving in, becoming a security guard here just makes sense. If you’re looking to earn your NC security guard license or certification you owe it to yourself to call your local Security Guard Exchange center.

From the Outer Banks all the way to the Smokies, North Carolina is a wide and populous place to live and work. Our Security Guard Exchange centers are conveniently located all throughout North Carolina to make taking classes and earning your security certification easier than ever. And with such varied course schedules and affordable pricing, there’s never been a better time to start your journey towards becoming a North Carolina security officer.

Graduates from our North Carolina facilities speak highly of our qualified and experienced instructors as well as their varied teaching methods – from video to lecture to hands-on gun range training, they make sure you’ve got the well-rounded education required to be a marketable, effective security professional. If you’ve been looking for a training facility that offers more than just the bare minimum, you’ve come to the right place.

Get Your North Carolina Security Guard License Today

Call now to find out more about the security guard training courses offered here in North Carolina. Whether you live in Raleigh, Charlotte, or anywhere in between you’re sure to be close to a quality security facility designed to suit your schedule and your needs. With so many great sectors in NC, from tourism to education to engineering, there’s never a shortage of need for qualified security professionals. Get started with the licensing process today!

When you graduate one of our security guard training programs you’ll gain access to our large North Carolina security job board as well as our full-scale job placement service. It’s our mission to match you with a quality employer here in North Carolina and get you started with a stable, good-paying security job as soon as possible.

Make a great decision for you and your family by calling a Security Guard Exchange center near you today. If you’ve still got questions about NC licensing requirements or which course is right for you, let one of our quality security professionals help. We know what you need to work in security here in North Carolina…get registered for classes today!

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